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Examination Of Change And Implications For Empowerment…In this assignment you will focus on empowerment in practice. You will examine it in a more practical way by analysing an example of change that has occurred in an organisation.

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In this assignment you are asked to address empowerment by referring to
issues of equity, participation and intersectoral collaborations.
Select an example of change that has been implemented in your own work place or
in another organization as discussed with the Topic Coordinator or Tutor.
1. Describe the change(s) that has been implemented, including:
• Context for the change – why it came about, in relation to internal and
external influences (where)
• Content of the change – the nature of the change (what)
• Processes involved in implementing the change (how)
• People involved in implementing the change and the roles they have played
2. Analyse the implemented change(s) in relation to empowerment strategies:
• What is the current situation?
• What gaps can you identify regarding empowerment?
• What barriers to empowerment are evident?
• What facilitators of empowerment exist?
• What do you forecast for the organisation and its stakeholders in relation to
3. Make recommendations regarding empowerment issues in relation to the
implemented change(s).

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