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Example and Analysis of a Disability Myth

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To choose one of the “disability myths” from the given article (I will upload it), and look at a particular example of it. The eassy should based on it!!!!!!!! Create a unique title:)
Your paper should roughly follow this outline:
1.Introduce the myth you will be discussing, explain what it is, how it reflects attitudes toward disability, why disability scholars or activists might have a problem with it, why it is interesting and/or important to discuss. You should cite Dolmage’s explanation to help you, but don’t simply rely on him without elaboration; explain the myth in your words.
2.Choose a particular example from literature or media that seems to fit into the myth. This is a “primary text” and thus should not be something critical or analytical (a scholarly article, review, documentary, etc.). This can be any kind of cultural artifact or piece of “art”—story, poem, song, episode of a TV show, movie, a painting or image, etc. Or it may come from media, such as a news article, an online video or recording of a performance (such as the Miley Cyrus video), a post on Facebook, Twitter, or some other social media platform, a commercial or advertisement, etc
3.Provide a very brief summary of your text, followed by specific details to support how the text fits into the myth you’ve chosen
4.A brief conclusion that comments on how your primary text helps to understand or expand the nature of or relevance of your myth, and/or any questions for further analysis.

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