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exploratory essay on any social issue in the US.
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Write an exploratory essay in which you narrate in first-person, chronological order, the evolution through time of your thinking about an issue or problem. Rather than state a thesis or a claim, begin with a question or problem. Then describe your inquiry process as you worked your way through sources or different views.

You must synthesize three sources about a debatable issue. Pick an issue that you may later write about for your [position or problem/solution] essay. The purpose of this paper is to show how different writers discuss and provide evidence for their viewpoints on a highly debated subject. You also need to think about each writer’s reasons and assumptions in the debate. In sum, this paper’s purpose is to inform the reader about the different sides/issues of a debate by identifying major points by each author and creating a balanced presentation about the issue.

Since this is not an argument-based assignment, your introduction will not state and defend a thesis. Rather, your intro will show your investment in the issue, which may include personal experience. Similarly, your conclusion will not re-state a thesis. Instead, your summation will create a path for further exploration of your research question. Out of your three sources, two must be academic. Only one source can be from a website/newspaper/film. The others will be academic sources from MC’s library database or from your textbook.

You must state a research question that is exigent, arguable and scholarly. Your sources must be varied and reflect the multiple perspectives on the issue. This is not a persuasive essay. You must do more than summarize sources—advanced critical thought is required. (Assignment Source: Dory Hoffman)

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