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2. Main body of paper Essay of about 2000 words excluding the bibliography 3. Bibliography page List of reading materials used during the course of preparing the paper, and/or quoted in the main body of the paper, with annotations, for example: o Name of author, Title of Book (Place of publication: Name of publisher, Year of publication), pp. ?-? o http://…. The main body of your paper must have the following headings and sub-headings, answering the following questions always using sentences: 1. Introduction [approximately 400 words] Which modern art movement impresses you both aesthetically and conceptually? (Choose only one movement of modern art, and give reasons for choosing the movement/school.) When, where, and how did the movement/school develop? What other movements/schools, artists, ideas, etc., may have influenced this movement/school directly or indirectly? 2. Historical Response [approximately 400 words] ???????? Who were the major artists of the movement? What was their relationship with each other? What was the purpose of their working in a similar manner? How organized was their movement? Did the movement have a mission? Was there a social, political, spiritual, emotional, philosophical, moral, ethical, economic, or educational motivation behind the movement? How do you know? Did they publish a manifesto, foe example? How long did the movement/school last? Give dates and reasons. Did the movement influence future artists and if so, who and how? 3. Critical Analysis [approximately 800 words] What are the important works of art that define the movement/school? Name and document at least three. Select one artwork Check your choice with your instructor in class and then conduct a critical analysis linking the work with the movement with the following sub-headings: Title of artwork Who? (Artist, patron/collector) What? o Medium/materials, dimensions 2 ??? o Subject matter !! Did the artist establish a new subject? !! What may have determined or influenced the choice of subject matter? o Does the subject matter and /or its treatment relate the work to an established genre (daily-life/portraiture/landscape/still- life/others) !! Has the artist created a new genre? o Comment on the context of work (social/political/religious/historical/mythological/ economic/others) o Reception by audience: how was the work received by whom? o Develop your interpretation of the work Where? (Discuss the origin of artist & artwork) When? (Date the artwork) How? o Discuss the style of the work with these parameters !! Period/regional/personal? !! Representational/abstract? !! Linear/painterly? o Discuss the formal elements including: !! Line and shape !! Color !! Light and shade !! Texture and pattern !! Form and Space !! Composition !! Time and motion !! Architectural and Structural Elements 4. Conclusion [400 words] Provide a very brief summary of all the above. In your view, is the movement/school significant? Give reasons. Has the movement had a lasting impact? Elaborate. Does it make you think? Does it affect your feelings? Elaborate. Does the work have artistic worth? Explain. Avoid Plagiarism!! All quotations and paraphrasing need to be adequately identified and annotated. Plagiarized work will not accepted for assessment and will be given a grade of 0 (ZERO) F. You may quote, citing your sources, but the greater majority (70%) of your essay should be of your own words. If you have any questions regarding plagiarism you should ask your course instructor well before submission. Your Research Your paper should be informed by research resources that are both authoritative and reputable. Images You must provide images with captions of all the artwork(s) discussed in your essay. Put these images in a separate section, one image per page.

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