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This assignment involves writing a 2 – 3 page analysis of one of the films listed below. Your analysis is to include a reflection on the following:
What the film tells about sexuality (1 or 2 paragraphs).
How is sexual or gender diversity represented in this film?
How does the broader social context shape how sexuality or gender is negotiated in the film?
Describe how the film links with various issues we covered in the lectures or are contained in the readings.
Pay careful attention to how you felt while watching the film. What moments evoked particular emotions? Why?
How or did the film challenge your notions of sexuality and gender? Explain.
Chose one key character in the film and consider what practice issues might arise if that person was to come to you for support.
Films to choose from:
Boys Don’t Cry
Two Spirits
Crying Game
Collect your responses in a Word document.

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