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Select one of the 2 broad topics to investigate:
•Religion and Power
•Minds and People
You will select one of the major texts that are on the syllabus (Gregory the Great, Einhard, Guibert of Nogent, Joan of Arc) and formulate a question that addresses either of the two broad themes. [For example: How does Gregory the Great’s reading of the Bible inflect his understanding of Merovingian power? Or, What is Einhard’s view of ordinary people as revealed through his treatise on the translation of relics?]
Once you formulate the question, you will begin to address that question through a close reading of the text in translation, ALONG WITH some supporting research drawn from secondary, and if you feel necessary, additional primary sources. The books on assignment have excellent bibliographical guides to help you get started. I expect that your question and your paper will be able to speak in both specific and general ways about one of the two broader topics.
A paragraph explaining your question and your sources is due on Oct 29. The final paper, between 10 and 12 pages, is due on Dec. 3. Footnotes, 12 point font, and a bibliography.

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