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Final term paper based on book "Speaking of America " by Luandra A. Belmonte , Volume I to 1877

You have been hired to rewrite the citizenship test for immigration. Your job is to identify the most ideas, people and challenges of the past that best equip them to become informed, empowered and constructive citizens in the future. What should they know? Submit a report that includes all seven of the following items. Explain why you chose each item and what they should learn from it.

Start by explaining the major ideas of and messages about US history that you would like new citizens to understand : than discuss :
1. At least two individuals discussed in the book who promoted American idea
2. At least two individuals discussed in book who undermined American idea.
3. At least 4 quotes taken from 4 different chapters. ( chapter from 1 to 10)
4. At least two news items ( article)that they should read. Found them online and place link to it in references( bibliography) !!! Please I will have to print them out. Thank you
5. At least 2 cartoons or images that they should understand PLEASE PLACE THEM IN THE PAPER OR IN THE REFERENCES (BIBLIOGRAPHY) PLACE ONLINE LINK TO THEM Please I will have to print them out also. Thank you ! 🙂
6. At least one primary source document obtained from the
" web list":
(Photograph, cartoon, speech, advertisement, newspaper article, diary entry, letter, painting, sermon, map or song) PLEASE PLACE THEM IN THE PAPER OR IN THE REFERENCES (BIBLIOGRAPHY) PLACE ONLINE LINK TO THEM Please I will have to print them out also. Thank you ! 🙂
1) Www.pbs.org/wgbh/aia
– link about Africans in America
2) www.digitalhistory.uh.edu
– link about Mexican American, American Indians,African American
3) http://historymatters.gmu.edu
-link about select many past or making sense of evidence.
4) http://hitchcock.itc.virginia.edu/slavery
-link about slave trade and slave life
5) www.history.org/almanack.htm
-link about colonial Williamsburg, Va
6) http://oneida-nation.net/historical.html
-link is about Indian land claims and culture
– link is about religion in early us history
8) http://www.library.cornell.edu/mayantislavery
– link is about the movement to abolish slavery
Link is about first transcontinental railroad including Chinese contribution
Link with many images and cartoons on many topics.


7. A summary statement of how these items fit together. What is your overall message about American history? Why should immigrants study these items? How will these items make the immigrants better citizens? How can studying the past provide guidance for the future? Define American idea yourself?

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