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Financial Analysis

Paper details:

1. Obtain the most recent Financial Statements of an unquoted company and submit these as
an appendix to your assignment.
2. Identify a comparable makeshift listed company.
Applying any three methods of valuing unquoted companies, place a value on the unquoted
company, to the extent that the information in the accounts provided would permit.
In what particular circumstances would you suggest that each one of the three methods you have
chosen would be most appropriate? Briefly explain the limitations of each method.
Explain the Efficient Market hypothesis and discuss its relevance to the valuation of companies.
Total (50%)
Research into a recent (since 2005) acquisition case involving any two companies:
0 Explain the possible motivations that may have engendered the move to acquire. 10%
0 Explain the type of acquisition, e.g. vertical integration, horizontal integration or a
diversification, etc.
Explain the defence strategies used or that could have been used by the target company to
frustrate the move by the acquirer to acquire.
(maximum of five strategies) 15%
0 Describe the extent to which the acquirer’s motivations to acquire have so far been satisfied
or not, giving examples.
Total (50%)

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