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Financial Investing

Paper details:

Read the following articles and complete the assignment:

Top 10 Green Industries (Links to an external site.)

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How to Pay your Student Loans While You’re Still in School (Links to an external site.)

In a 750 word APA formatted paper with a minimum of two references, please address the following financial investing dilemma:

Ana Lysenumberz is a 26-year-old graduate student. She passed all of her finance courses with straight As. Her financial goal is to be able to invest now and earn enough money pay off her student loans, within the grace period, when she graduates. If she earns a little extra, that is okay, as she would not mind treating herself to a nice vacation. Her graduate program is only three years and when she finishes, her student loan amount will be $25, 000. With her current savings and the gift money she received when she graduated with her undergraduate degree, she has approximately $10,000 dollars to invest. Although she wants a sizeable return, she also wants to remain true to her values and invest in environmentally conscious companies. She conducted some preliminary research and found a “green” start-up that she believes is going to hit the ground running, financially.

Here are a few of Ana’s alternatives:
1.Invest solely in environmentally conscious companies.
2.Invest in higher yield options and reinvest in “green” companies if her financial goals are met.
3.Pay the $10,000 to the lender of her student loans.

Based on the alternatives above, select and provide a rationale for your selection. You can propose another alternative, but you must provide a rationale for that alternative as well.

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