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Five Moments Assignment

Project description

YOU MUST CITE YOUR SOURCES FOR EVERY SINGLE FACT YOU INCLUDE. USE AT LEAST 4 DIFFERENT SOURCES. The best ones are likely to be The Associated Press, Reuters, Agence France Presse, the BBC and Al-Jazeera. CNN perhaps. I’d stay away from USA Today and the NYTimes.

Go to the website above. (Simply copy and paste it into your browser.)

You will complete research on these five stories, and you will write a response to the audio accounts of the five photographers who shot these pictures.

1A) Ebola. You must summarize what has been happening in African countries devastated by the rapid spread of Ebola. Define Ebola. Explain how it affects the human body. Give solid, well-researched numbers regarding how many have died in each African country. Which country is hardest hit? (As in, the highest number of deaths per capita.) Why must the bodies be cremated? How does this conflict with traditional burial rites?

1B) Your response to the photographer’s comments. Be thorough. Trust your instincts.

2A) Kidnapped Schoolgirls. You must summarize the events as they unfolded. What does “Boko Haram” mean? (What is its translation?) What has been the almost certain fate of these girls? What was Boko Haram’s primary reason for abducting them?

2B) Your response to the photographer’s comments.

3A) MH17. You must summarize the events of the downing of the passenger airliner. Explain Russia’s agenda in this matter. Provide the most recent developments related to this tragedy. As you complete this part of the assignment, you may find many of the images to be disturbing so tread carefully. The downing of a passenger jet is seen as an act of war. Provide a timeline of responses from different countries involved.

3B) Your response to the photographer’s comments.

4A) Selwyn. Provide the background for this photo and the essence of the story.

4B) Your response to the photographer’s comments.

5A) Syria. Provide a solid summary of the events in Syria in 2014. How many killed? What land is involved? Why the escalations? Primary factors (both long-term and short-term) for the ongoing war?

5B) Your response to the photographer’s comments.


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