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Forced migration and refugees

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Focusing on forced migration and refugees. Current crises in Europe.

Using what we’ve learned from our readings this semester, develop your draft research
design. This will include the following:
1. Introduction
2. Research Questions
3. Methods
4. Validity
Yin, R.K. Chapter 3. How to Start a Research Study, in Yin, R.K. 2011. Qualitative Research
from Start to Finish. New York & London: The Guilford Press. pp. 49-72. Available on Ember
Maxwell. Chapter 6. Validity: How Might You Be Wrong?
Singleton and Straits. Chapter 4. Elements of Research Design.
The Basics:
12 point font, Arial, Double Spaced, 1” margins
Use APA format for citations and bibliography
Cite all relevant authors, including those used in the Methods section.

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