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Follow up, Integrating Technology

Now that you have selected a collaborative technology project for your class to join, it is time to plan for its successful implementation. In this module’s application, you will use the lesson planning framework outlined in your Module 3, Part 3 presentation to develop your plan.
For a collaborative technology project to be effective, the following criteria must be met:
• €Specific goals and objectives for collaboration must be established. ?
• €The project must include specific assessment and evaluation procedures. ?
• €Clear tasks for students must take into account their varying levels of expertise with the ?technology required and their diverse curricular needs. ?
• €The ratio of online to offline activities must be articulated. ?
Collaborative Technology Project
Goals and Objectives
List the goals (from your Module 1 assignment) and objectives for this project. When doing so, take into account the diverse student needs represented in your class. What do you expect your high-achieving students to accomplish? What do you expect your struggling learners to accomplish?
Activities and Lesson Planning
How will you differentiate instruction to ensure the activities your students work on as part of this project fit with their achievement levels and diverse needs? How will you break up the tasks required to complete this project? Provide examples.?How often will you work on this project? How often will your students collaborate, and how often will they work individually?
Provide a detailed lesson plan that includes a timeline for students to accomplish the activities needed to successfully complete the project. The lesson plan should align with the framework for a collaborative technology project as presented in the Module 3, Part 3 presentation.
Describe in detail how you plan to assess your students during this process. How will your assessments align with your curricular goals? How will you assess your students in ways that reflect authentic and meaningful learning??Provide a sample of an assessment you will give for this project.?Alignment with NETS-S and NETS-T?In the Module 2 Application, you identified the NETS-S with which your project aligns. How will you determine whether your students have achieved the NETS-S and indicators that you identified? Will the assessment ideas you provided also measure achievement of the NETS-S? If not, how will you measure that achievement??How do you plan to assess your own role in this project based on the NETS-T?

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