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Making up by writer according to the answer

For your coursework, you asked to finish a essay in following areas,

a brief contextualization of the topic from the literature (e.g., marketing ethics, consumer behaviour, marketing entry strategies, etc.),
a critical discussion of the different positions based on the contextualization, and
a concluding statement and outlook derived from your discussion
The task is:
The suggestion that organizations should focus on the needs and wants of their customers – and of consumers more generally – may be thought of as one of marketing’s more prominent achievements. Critically discuss this notion by making particular reference to some of the strategic challenges potentially arising from an organization (a) not focusing sufficiently on consumer needs, or (b) placing a strong emphasis on the current needs of consumers.

Whichever approach you take, you must focus appropriately and with enough detail to show you understand the context (and the relevant literature) properly.

You must explain why you are addressing the question you way you are answering it to make yourself clear.

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