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Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis

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Using Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, examine Gregor’s family’s treatment of him. Write an essay identifying the following elements in Kafka’s story:
Use your introduction to identify Kafka’s purpose.
Each body paragraph should address the following:
Body paragraph one: What questions about human nature does the text explore?
The text questions human nature. Are humans any different from animals? Do animals have the capacity for thought, love, language, and feelings as humans? The novel categorizes Gregor, who seems to exhibit all of these human capacities, yet he is trapped in the body of a bug.

The Metamorphosis shows Gregor questioning his own humanity as become more accustomed to the life of a bug. The novel also suggest that the other cast members mimic animal behaviors.
Body paragraph two: What assumptions about family and a family’s responsibility to its members does the story explore?
Body paragraph three: What are the consequences of Gregor’s metamorphosis for the family and of their treatment of him?
Body paragraph four: How does the text define the concepts of family, love, responsibility, or humanity? (Pick one or two that are most relevant for your focus.)
Body paragraph five: What other solutions were available to Gregor’s family?
Body paragraph six: What is Gregor’s perspective?
Body paragraph seven: Evaluate Gregor’s family’s response to him from the values of integrity and community.
Conclusion: Given all of the above, what would you do if put into the same situation as Gregor’s family? Why?

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