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freedom to focus on specific issues
What do I need to do?
• You are responsible for writing at least two (2) entries for each chapter. Each entry should be approximately 100 words (6 lines).
• Each entry should clearly have a title and the date indicated.
• You have the freedom to focus on specific issues and questions in your own learning.
• Remember there is no right or wrong way of thinking in your learning log; it is simply a record of your thinking processes.
• You do not need to spend a long time writing in your learning log. Writing shorter but more frequent entries is more useful to you over time than infrequent longer entries.

What do I write about?
The following guiding questions will help you to make thoughtful and reflective entries in your learning log:
• How did the lecture/discussion in class help reinforce the chapter material?
• What did I learn in this chapter?
• What did I find interesting? difficult?
• What questions do I have about what I learned?
• What connections did I make to previous examples of marketing in action?

While reading your chapters, you may answer the following questions:
• What am I reading & what pages did I read?
• What did I understand?
• What words were difficult? How will I try to understand this material?
• What questions do I still have?

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