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Friends, Life Stages, Communication, & Social Media
After reading the chapter from the Week 6 Learning Resources entitled “7.2 Communication and Friends” respond to question 1. Chapter can also be found here: https://umuc.equella.ecollege.com/file/365e286e-3bd7-4617-b195-fcf6334bb028/1/CommunicationandFriends.pdf
1. Of the life stages (adolescence – later life) discussed in the chapter, which are you currently in? How do your friendships match up with the book’s description of friendships at this stage? From your experience, do friends change between stages the way the chapter says they do? Why or why not?

In the article entitled “Differences Between Friendship & Family Relationships in Interpersonal Communication” from the Week 6 Learning Resources, they note the research finding that family relationships are more constant/unchanging than relationships between friends. Article can be found here: http://everydaylife.globalpost.com/differences-between-friendship-family-relationships-interpersonal-communication-13721.html
2. Summarize the article “Differences Between Friendship & Family Relationships in Interpersonal Communication” in a descriptive paragraph. Indicate which finding regarding friendship most surprised you and why. What can you do to better nurture your most important friendships?
3. Consider relationships/friendships that occur only via social media.  Are these true friendships/relationships? What aspects of communication could be lacking from these types of relationships? Explain in a well-worded paragraph.

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