Functional conflict


Functional conflict is termed so because it is in line with the policies and goals of the organization. On the other hand, dysfunctional conflict can arise from personal differences and non-work-related issues such as different belief systems.
As a new Project Manager, what steps will you implement to resolve or prevent project conflict constraints? Provide ideas to prevent communication conflict within the project team and stakeholders.
In peer responses, evaluate suggestions for solving conflicts. In your current/previous workplace settings, which worked/would work the best?
Write a 200 to 300-word paper.




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Sample Solution


As a project manager, it is important to ensure that communication within the team and among stakeholders is clear, consistent, and timely. Establishing communication protocols such as formal meetings with agendas and documentation of decisions can help foster better understanding of expectations and avoid conflict. Additionally, having an open line of dialogue between team members encourages trust-building activities that can increase collaboration on the project. By setting ground rules for communication at the outset of any project, conflicts can be addressed before they become unmanageable issues.

Active listening is another important tool for preventing or addressing project conflicts. Allowing each person to express their thoughts openly without interruption is essential in understanding their perspective on a given issue. This will also create an environment where people feel respected and valued for their input. It can also encourage creative solutions to potential problems during planning stages rather than waiting until there are disagreements later down the road.

Finally, implementing effective problem-solving techniques utilizing information from all parties involved can help prevent further friction in challenging situations. Working together towards mutually beneficial outcomes often requires active participation from all sides including listening to opposing viewpoints while looking for common ground that satisfies everyone involved in the conflict resolution process. In my current/previous work settings, these methods have proven successful in resolving conflict constraints quickly with minimal disruption to the overall project timeline or budget constraints.

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