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Paper details:
Do a sensitivity analysis to determine the relative role of the following parameters in slope stability analyses using an infinite plane model for shallow landslides in unconsolidated sediments. This model would be applicable to construction sites in the developed area of the Wasatch Front where construction may cut into banks of Lake Bonneville sedimentary deposits, over steepening the terrain (e.g., the new construction site just east of 1200 West on the North site of Center Street in Orem, UT)
Slopes: Ranging from flat (0) to 30 degrees (not likely to find anything steeper in these conditions).
Saturation: Completely dry to completely saturated
Cohesion (N/m^2):
Material Cohesion (min) Cohesion (max)
Clay 18-28 10,000 (uncompacted) 100,000 (compacted silt and sandy clay)
Silt 0 (dry no clay) 80,000 (compacted silty loam, moist)
Sand 0 (dry no fines) 40,000 (wet and compacted with silt)
Gravel 0 (dry, few fines) 20,000 (gravels with clay, silt and sand, well compacted)
Angle of Internal Friction (Phi in Degrees):
Material Phi (min) Phi (max)
Clay 18 28
Silt 28 35
Sand 37 38
Gravel 32 44e

Depth of potential failure: Ranging from 1 – 5 meters
1. Describe your methodology for doing sensitivity tests on these parameters. Present at least three figures describing some of your major results from this analysis.
2. Based upon your sensitivity analyses draw up limiting guidelines for constructing slope gradients within the urban area. State your rationale for why developers should be limited in the gradients that they use to create room for additional structures.
3. Also address the following issues: If the developer plans to put in a retaining wall to allow them to have a steeper gradient, how much steeper can they go with the addition of a typical retaining wall in combination with vegetating the slope. (Assume added cohesion of: 10,000 N/m2 and a force opposing the shear force by 5%.)
Turn in your report as a short technical report (3-5 pages in length + figures and references) including an introduction, methodology, results, conclusions, and recommendations section.
I want the excel chart paper.
I want 3 graphes each one includ :
1- Slop Angle
2- Worst Scenario
3- Best Scenario
*Convert your density
the Equation to use:
$c$2*$c$9*cos(Radians($c$4))^2 if this not helpful google it
(C+(N+tan thud))/s
this help for information

From Slope Stability Guide for US Forest Services (1994):

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