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Global Project Management
Assignment 1
Investigating the international influencers of Global Project Management
Reference count: 5-6 While you can choose a non numeric reference style of APA the citations and reference list contained in your report must adhere to consistent formatting and detail specification standards supported by your chosen reference style and/or automated referencing tool. Please note that Internet referencing are those references that are identified solely through the internet – these are not classified as e-journals. Internet sources need to be assessed carefully. White papers are an accepted resource but again the depth of information contained within should provide value and should come from a trusted internet source. For example, Gartner, IBM, SAP, Forrester. If unsure consult your tutors for clarification. Wikipedia, Computerworld, Newsweek and other assorted magazines, used as main citations, are not ? acceptable as quality reference material for this type of academic paper – if you use such lesser quality references, you have to justify with very good reasons.

Working strategy: Group work (3-4 people in a team)
This is a group assignment, requiring a report style response. You need to form a team of 3-4 students. You may choose or combine management and IT report style/s in your writing

This assignment address all the learning outcomes:
• Analyse and evaluate theories and concepts of program and portfolio project management in a global context;
• Assess and synthesise diverse information regarding the ways of achieving maturity in global project management;
• Evaluate innovative ideas and strategies for managing global projects;
• Demonstrate and modify relevant software methodologies in creating and managing
project databases;
• Develop professional/personal skills – team work; leadership; ethical behaviour; ?analytical skills, including lateral problem solving and critical thinking.

ANZ Case Story continues:
The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited
Project initiation Phase
In assignment 1, you had analysed the international strategic requirements of the ANZ Banking Group. Together with the Bank’s enterprise architects, you also recommended several projects for consideration.
As part of this project initiation phase, the assumption is that you the developed the project charters and identify the stakeholders of these projects. The project charters were presented to senior executives and one of these projects were approved.
Project Planning Phase
You have been assigned to project manage one of these projects. This means you are now embarking the next project management phase, ie project planning. For your own understanding, refer to the PMI’s PMBOK standard guide, to understand what work is involved in project planning.
Solution Scope
Assume that the approved project recommends using & customising Infosys Finacle’s mobile banking module, which contains the following functionalities or sub-modules:
•?Customer onboarding ?
•?Banking and payments ?
•?Financial management ?
•?Value-added services (VAS) ?The software solution will use Finacle’s preconfigured, pre-certified, ready-to-deploy mobile ‘Bank- in-a-Box’ which provides essential banking services and ensures ANZ launches mobile banking services with minimal upfront investment in time, effort, and resources. This mobile banking package will enable ANZ clients to access the following mobile banking services: ?
The plan is to rollout this Finacle product in ANZ’s 33 countries.

Develop Project Management Plan
Your mandate is to develop the detailed project management plan.

Assignment 1 Instructions ANZ:
Part A: (1100 words)
The first task you need to do is to identify and understand the international drivers and how they would firstly influence your project planning work.
Assume that you are focusing on China, India and the USA ANZ to be the first three sites for a pilot implementation. Choose one knowledge areas in the project management plan (choose “STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT PLAN” ) . For chosen knowledge area, identify what and how international dimensions would need to be considered when implementing the solution in India, China and the USA. International dimensions may include concepts like:
•?Cross culture differences ?
•?Time zone differences ?
•?Multi-currency budgeting and procurement ?
•?International business risks ?
•?State of technology infrastructures in countries. ?
Write a report to discuss these international dimensions and conclude a tabulated summary perspective of these matters across the chosen knowledge areas. ?
LASLY, make a matrix table

dimensions    dimensions    dimensions    dimensions    dimensions

*** This is an group assignment you only need to do Part A.  No NEED executive summary, Intor etc. JUST write part A

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