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Governance, Accountability, Leadership and Quality Assurance in Education

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Assessment Task Outline

Identify an educational issue within an international school system and present a critical analysis of how governance, accountability, quality assurance and leadership could influence the issue.

Develop a paper on the basis of your reading, research and your experience as a practitioner. Choose an educational issue that is relevant to an international school environment. It could be performance management, change management, policy development etc.
Part 1:
Identify an educational issue within a workplace with which you are familiar. It can be your current workplace.
?    Introduce the issue and contextualise it.
?    Describe how governance structures influence this issue.
?    Describe how accountability structures influence this issue.
?    Describe how quality assurance structures influence this issue.
Part 2:
Second, consider theories of leadership and offer an analysis of the role leaders can play in relation to the selected issue.
?    What theories of leadership; for example, distributed leadership, transformative leadership, ethical leadership, may be appropriate when considering the selected issue? Using the literature, outline and justify your selections.
?    What role does leadership play in the issue you have selected?
?    What challenges may an educational leader face in the issue you have selected when considering the issue, governance, accountability and quality assurance? What strategies could be used to overcome these challenges?
Additional Requirements

•    The written text must be in Australian English.
•    Please make sure you follow the APA-Referencing guide. All in-text references must be found on the reference list and vice versa.
•    Include15-20 references

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