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Gregory the Great’s Letter to Mellitus and the English Elf Charms

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Write a mini paper (250-400 words) with a THESIS STATEMENT and ARGUMENT about the
text you have just finished reading, Gregory the Great’s Letter to Mellitus and the English Elf
Charms (the Field Remedy, Miscellaneous Lacnunga Charms, and the second of the three
Lacnugna Elf Charms). Your paper will be a response to one of the questions provided, with
your answer serving as your thesis statement. Rely on as many of the sources as possible for
evidence to back up your thesis. Think of this paper as a low-stakes way to practice—and to
learn what I am looking for—before the short papers, which count for more of your grade.
Because your references should be confined to class readings, you may use parenthetical citation,
rather than the Chicago style citation historians prefer. That is, cite as follows: (author or text
when there is no author, page number when available) Ex: (Field Remedy)
In his letter, Pope Gregory suggests allowing the Anglo Saxons to continue animal
sacrifice but to sacrifice the animals not “to the devil, but […] to the praise of God.” But
in the elf charms, there is no evidence of animal sacrifice. What are the Anglo Saxons
offering instead of animals? Why does their choice of offering demonstrate acceptance
of Christianity? You must draw from the elf charms and Gregory’s letter in your answer

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