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Disease management in cropping systems

The continued productivity and sustainability of a cropping system depends on the ability of producers to manage the diseases which affect crops within the system. An important part of good disease management is knowing the latest research about the disease, and understanding the range of strategies available to manage it.

This assignment is intended to ensure that your disease management expertise is up to date, and that you understand the importance of using all possible options in an Integrated Pest Management approach.


For either Root Lesion Nematodes in a farming system, or Blackleg in canola,

–    Briefly outline how the disease affects the crop, and the potential and/or actual losses in both affected crops and across the industry.

–    Discuss the research which has been conducted on this disease over the last few years, and how the findings have contributed to a better integrated pest management (IPM) approach to controlling the disease.

GRNS501 Additional question – There are many strategies available to manage or control diseases, before the most appropriate strategy can be recommended some practical considerations must be accounted for. Discuss the practical factors which may influence or need to be considered before implementing these disease management strategies. Also identify the conflicting and complementary challenges with combining disease management with agronomic practices.

The GRDC update papers are a good source of information for this assignment, as are the DPI websites (eg the Northern trial manual for NSW). An Integrated Pest Management approach should include varietal (genetic), chemical and cultural management options.

GRNS 501 2500 words


When researching, Google scholar is a good resource as it only looks at refereed papers, the journals UNE, books, etc, so you avoid a lot of the irrelevant sites.

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