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Group Discussion

1.)  What sorts of ethical issues to linguistic anthropologists face, particularly in relation to field work and data collection?

2.)  What would happen if children did not have linguistic social interactions at a young age, how do you think language would be affected?

3.)  What is the importance of indexicality? How does it affect the sociocultural world?

Group 3B:

1.)  Linguistic anthropologists believe that there is a domain specific language acquisition device or module in the brain, do you think we learn language solely because of that, or does it have more to do with our caregivers and the way they teach language to us? Or a mixture of both?

2.)  Why do we teach kids to speak from such an early age? Is it still a survival tool based on environmental challenges, or is it more of a matter of promoting social interaction?

3.)  231 languages are now considered completely extinct out of the estimated 7,000 languages in existence. Also, 2,400 languages are determined to be endangered and can be going extinct in the near future. Why does the number of languages seem to be becoming smaller instead of growing?

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