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Guidelines for assessing Program

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follow the ABC’s (accurate, brief, concise) of writing. How long does it have to be? It should be long enough to say what you want, my suggestion stay within 3-5 pages.

This papers should be no more than 5 pages double spaced.
Use APA format 6th edition. Please include title page, reference page, and the 5 pages does not include title and separate reference page.
Please spell and grammar check your entire paper.
A reference list is expected and should be in correct 6th edition APA format

The paper needs to be on the Educational Program or curriculum from Stony Brook University Hospital where I am doing clinical rotation on Mother baby. You need to use the guidelines from the book Curriculum Development Applied to Nursing Education and Practice 2nd edition by Sarah B.Keating on pages 174- 175. I am working alongside another instructor teaching nursing students. You need to base it on the clinical l curriculum / nursing program for this University program.

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