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For the three full write-ups, you will be expected to develop tightly-organized analyses that are about 3-4 pages total (single-space, 12 point font). You may additionally include any appendices or attachments without any page limit. In terms of criteria for evaluating these case analyses, I look for (i) comprehensive treatment of case questions, (ii) ability to draw on specific case facts and other learning from class and your text to support stated positions, (iii) consistency across questions of a case so that answers support (rather than contradict) each other, and (iv) a set of key recommendations that offer specific suggestions that can be implemented by a marketing manager who is interested in pursuing your plan. You MUST justify your recommendations with facts from the case, and your own analysis. Managerial decisions and strategic marketing design are usually justified and driven by both experienced intuition and data-driven understanding of the issue at hand. The 3-4 page guidance builds certain expectation about length and depth of analysis so please try to stick to this suggested length. Submissions too-long or too-short are likely to incur penalty for one reason or the other.

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