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Heroin users in Hennepin county Minnesota
This paper should be no more than six pages in length (approx. 1,500 words double-spaced, excluding the title page and reference page) and written in a style appropriate for an academic audience.
You must cite at least five sources in addition to your practitioner interviews.

At a minimum, this paper must include the following:

1. Discussion of recommendations derived from interviews with practitioners
a. You need to write about whom you talked to, where they work or what their role is that is relevant to your project, and what they told you.
Keep the discussion about these practitioners focused on the solutions they provided. If you talked to someone who did not give you any solutions you can say that, but do not spend a lot of time discussing your conversation with that person.

2. Discussion of prevention, intervention, and/or suppression programs/strategies/policies that have been used to respond to the problem.
Try to focus on evidence-based “best practices.”
a. What works? Why?
B .What doesn’t work? Why?
c. What’s promising (but needs more research)? Why?
d. How do we know? Based on what evidence?
e. What is the theoretical premise of these approaches?

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