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Heroin user’s in Hennepin county Minnesota

Paper details:
What drugs? Who’s using them? Where? Think about narrowing this down – prevention and intervention strategies. Please research teenagers heroin user’s in hennepin county MN.

This paper should be no more than 10 pages in length (approx. 2,500 words double-spaced, excluding the titles page and reference page) and written in a style appropriate for an academic audience. You must cite at least five sources. The choice of books, articles, web resources, etc. is entirely at your discretion, however, at least three of the five must  be academic quality, peer-reviewed research articles.
At a minimum, this paper must include the following:
1. WHAT is the problem?
a. Convince the reader of why the problem you are aiming to solve is important.
2. Review of the history of the problem.
a. For example, instead of “domestic assault” the problem might be “lack of treatment options for domestic assault victims.” If this were the case, the history of your problem would not be a history of domestic assault, but a history of “anger management” counseling and other types of treatment options that have developed over time for domestic assault offenders. Then you would move into a discussion of how options like these are not readily available for most domestic assault victims. Which brings us to…
3. WHO does the problem impact?
a. Offender profile
b. Victim(s) profile
4. WHERE and WHEN is the problem most/least prevalent?
a. Geographical profile
b. Time profile
c. If this is a problem that impacts your community more than others, discuss why. For example, if you are studying gang activity, it is likely more prevalent in Minneapolis or St. Paul than out in the suburban or rural parts of Minnesota. Or, perhaps you are studying DWI, which may be more prevalent in outlying areas.
Look at statistics from the web (and cite them) to make valid statements about the location and prevalence of your problem.
5. WHY is this a “problem”?
a. Here’s where you begin to think and write about the big “why” questions. How did your problem become a problem? Does it have anything to do with other social or structural factors? For example, you may have noticed that kids loitering in your neighborhood significantly increased when a new outdoor shopping mall was built. Or maybe your problem is related to lack of treatment opportunities (for mental health, drugs, alcohol) in the correctional system. Think about why you identified this as a problem in the first place.

6. HOW are law enforcement and criminal justice agencies affected? Which part(s) of the CJS system are most affected and why?
a. While this may seem obvious to you, you need to be as specific as possible about how the criminal justice system is affected. Maybe the problem is something that law enforcement faces on a daily basis, but that does not necessarily mean the corrections system has anything to do with it at all. In other words, don’t treat the system as a whole; decide what part of the system your particular problem impacts.
This paper should include (in the appropriate sections, above):
• Title page, introduction, conclusion, subheadings
• Statistics associated with the problem
• Information from the empirical studies you have read so far
• Case examples (from news reports, practitioners, websites, books, etc.) to illustrate problem
• Information gathered from practitioners in the field and/or community members
• Media accounts
• Information from web sources (stick to .gov, .org, and .edu webpages)
The paper must be logically arranged, including subheadings where appropriate. If any of the required components of the paper are missing or significantly lacking in content or I am met with problems with spelling/grammar/sentence and paragraph structure or inappropriate use of APA, the paper will be returned to you and you will be required to “revise and resubmit” within seven days. 10% of your grade will be deducted for not satisfying the requirements for the original paper.

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