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Hispanic Challenges & Issues with Hunger and Food Insecurity

Type of Paper: Social Policy Analysis Paper

Subject: Social Work/Social Policy

Topic of Paper: Hispanic Challenges & Issues with Hunger and Food Insecurity

Paper Requirements:

1. This paper MUST demonstrate critical thinking skills

2. This paper MUST be well-written

3. This paper MUST be free from ALL grammatical errors

4. This paper MUST read fluently

5. This paper MUST utilize APA guidelines from
the 6th edition 2nd printing

6. This paper MUST include peer-reviewed articles ONLY (Over 1,000 peer-reviewed articles are available at United States Department of Agriculture website at www.ers.usda.gov)

7. This paper MUST include Reference page/pages

8. This paper MUST be written in third person. Third person is required.

This paper will consist of 4 different Sections:


Section I – Problem Definition (THIS SECTION REQUIRES EXACTLY 7 PAGES)

1. You MUST explain and elaborate in detail the scope and extent of the issue of hunger and food insecurity among the Hispanic populations in the United States. You Must describe the issue of hunger and food insecurity among Hispanics and state WHY the issue of hunger and food insecurity among Hispanics matter.

2. You MUST discuss some Food policies related to hunger and food insecurity, and then select ONLY one of the policies to ANALYZE (for this paper, you will Analyze the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program known as (SNAP) Policy). * SNAP policy information can be found at www.fns.usda.gov/snap/policy *

– SNAP policies that affect Hispanics decision to apply for SNAP (ex. immigration and naturalization service, citizenship & alien requirements, documentary evidence and verification of identity, residence, social security numbers, ineligible household members, work registration, accommodations for non-English speakers)

– SNAP policies that affect decision to complete the SNAP application process

– SNAP policies that affect whether participating household will receive SNAP benefits

3. Based on the SNAP Policy analyzed:

– You MUST explain who and how Hispanic children and families are affected by such policies?

– You MUST describe all the stakeholders involved or related somehow to the food insecurity and hunger issues among Hispanic populations.

– Discuss the impact of the SNAP policy.

– Discuss how different stakeholders are impacted differently. Explain who supports and who opposes the SNAP policy that affects the Hispanic population.

– Explain if there is a cost associated with the SNAP policy.

– Explain if other policies were considered.

Section II – Alternative Solutions/Policies (THIS SECTION REQUIRES EXACTLY 8 PAGES)

*Based on understanding of Hispanic challenges and issues with hunger and food insecurity and analysis of the SNAP (food stamps) policy: This Section is to include the information below:

1. Explain how effective the SNAP policy is (gather evidence)

2. Discuss goals/solutions posed by the SNAP policy

3. Discuss the relationship between the goals and the issue with hunger and food insecurity

4. Discuss the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that implemented the SNAP policy

5. Discuss if the SNAP policy was
implemented according to original design

6. Discuss if the USDA changed or skewed the SNAP policy to reflect its own interests and goals

7. Explain changes made from the original design and why they are important

8. Explain if another agency could have implemented the SNAP policy better

9. Explain if the SNAP policy achieve its goals

10. Discuss if the SNAP policy solved the original hunger and food insecurity problem? Or did the SNAP policy solve a different problem that one originally identified?

11. Discuss the costs and consequences of the SNAP policy

12. Discuss if the SNAP policy achieve its goals at a reasonable cost and state rather the SNAP policy was a “success” or a “failure”

13. Discuss other alternatives that were considered

14. Explain why other alternatives were rejected. Were the alternatives rejected for rational or political reasons? Should they have been revisited?

Section III – Recommendations / Evaluating the Policy (THIS SECTION REQUIRES EXACTLY 5 PAGES)

*Based on ALL the information gathered:

1. Discuss some recommendations from a Critical Race Theory perspective to improve hunger and food insecurity among Hispanics in the U.S. and the SNAP policy. (Menu of some Key Recommendations can be viewed at www.snaptohealth.org/policy-recommendations/)

2. Explain why the recommendations were chosen for improvement? (Provide evidence/rationale of argument based on a Critical Race Theory Perspective).

3. Explain how the recommendations would be implemented. (Make sure to include relevant information)

4. Explain how the recommendations would be evaluated


*This section MUST strengthen argument of hunger and food insecurity among Hispanics.

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