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Home work
1. Click on the following link and listen carefully to the 23 mn “Audio” (July 23, 2014) in which Grant Smith provides an answer to the question: “What Is the Israel Lobby?” http://scotthorton.org/interviews/2014/07/23/072314-grant-f-smith

2. Read carefully “How big is the Lobby and what does it do? An overview of the 501 (c) universe” at http://israellobbyus.org/transcripts/1.1Grant_SmithT.htm (you can also watch the video for 27 minutes at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWe5n6aWOZQ&list=PLqnzBdOyKbnY_yD-_ogEw6DqZNKrBIH2q)

3. Review carefully the definition of the Israel lobby as suggested by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt on pages 112-114 of the textbook.

4. Review carefully the various descriptions and information provided about the lobby in at least the following 21 PowerPoint slides of topic 4: 205-208, 211-213, 215, 218-219, 228-230, 252-254, 261-263, 283, 288, and 345.

5. Based exclusively on the above sources, write a 250-350 word essay in which you provide your OWN concise and inclusive definition of the Israel lobby (what is the Israel lobby?). Homework 4 is worth 10 points (10 percent of your final grade). Sources for homework assignments must be cited briefly and ONLY between parentheses in the text. Each homework assignment in this course must be formatted as a Microsoft Word file and uploaded through the TurnItIn link (View/Complete) by the deadline. No other submission will be accepted. Homework assignment 4 is due by 10/29/15 at 10 pm

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