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The policy analysis/research paper will investigate and report on a significant issue/policy in homeland security (United States) that is related to terrorism, specifically the use of torture to obtain information regarding imminent threats. The paper requires a short problem statement that identifies the depth and breadth of the problem or issue being investigated, a concise literature review reflecting the use of up to date materials, the main body of the problem, divided into subject headings appropriate for your paper, a final section that includes a summary and recommendations. The bibliography should reflect course content as well as an academic search of data bases. Appropriate sources include books, peer-reviewed journal articles, statutes or congressional reports, plans, white papers, policies, standards, strategies or guidelines by government agencies, think-tanks, associations, etc. Articles in trade journals, newsletters or popular media (e.g., magazines, newspapers, etc.) may also be used on a limited basis to supplement or reinforce scholarly sources. Wikipedia and blogs are not acceptable sources.

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