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Homework 3a
Before attempting this project, be sure you have completed all of the reading assignments, hands-on
labs, discussions, and assignments to date.
(25 points) Create a Java class named HeadPhone to represent a headphone set. The class contains:
? Three constants named LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH with values of 1, 2 and 3 to denote the
headphone volume.
? A private int data field named volume that specifies the volume of the headphone. The
default volume is MEDIUM.
? A private boolean data field named pluggedIn that specifies if the headphone is plugged
in. The default value if false.
? A private String data field named manufacturer that specifies the name of the
manufacturer of the headphones.
? A private Color data field named headPhoneColor that specifies the color of the
? getter and setter methods for all data fields.
? A no argument constructor that creates a default headphone.
? A method named toString() that returns a string describing the current field values of
the headphones.
? A method named changeVolume(value) that changes the volume of the headphone to
the value passed into the method
Create a TestHeadPhone class that constructs at least 3 HeadPhone objects. For each of the objects
constructed, demonstrate the use of each of the methods. Be sure to use your IDE to accomplish
this assignment.
Grading Rubric:
The following grading rubric will be used to determine your grade:
Attribute Exceeds Meets Does not meet
Design (5 points) (5 points)
Exhibits proper use of
parameters, and
selection of data types
all of the time.
Employs correct and
appropriate use of
structures (loops,
(3-4 points)
Exhibits proper use of
parameters, and
selection of data types
most of the time.
Employs correct and
appropriate use of
structures (loops,
(0-2 points)
Rarely exhibits proper
use of parameters, and
selection of data types.
Rarely employs correct
and appropriate use of
structures (loops,
conditionals, classes
conditionals, classes
etc.) all of the time.
Efficient algorithms
used all of the time.
conditionals, classes
etc.) most of the time.
Efficient algorithms
used most of the time.
Poorly structured and
inefficient algorithms.
Functionality (10
(9-10 points)
Extra effort was
apparent through the
addition of significant
and additional
functionality beyond
the scope of the
(7-8 points)
Program fulfills most
Most requirements
were fulfilled.
Screen captures
demonstrating the
successful compiling
and running of the
(0-6 points)
Program does not fulfill
Few requirements
were fulfilled.
Test cases (5 points) (5 points)
Test cases provide
coverage of all code
Discussion of run-time
errors included.
(3-4 points)
Test cases provide
coverage of most code
Test cases results well
documented providing
pass/fail results for
each test case.
(0-2 points)
No or insufficient test
Minimal supporting
evidence provided to
verify testing actually
took place.
Java Style Guide (5
(5 points)
Code impeccably neat
and well-organized.
Extensive In-line
comments providing
additional insight into
code design and
(3-4 points)
Header comments
include filename,
author, date and brief
purpose of the
In-line comments used
to describe major
functionality of the
Meaningful variable
names and prompts
(0-2 points)
Code rarely follows
recommended Java
style guid

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