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How did the CPSU maintain it’s guiding role?

Synoptic Essay Question : “How did the Communist Party Of The Soviet Union (CPSU) exercise and maintain it’s leading and guiding role in soviet society and how successful was it in performing that task?”
***** Qualities will be looked for: Breadth of reading & use of academic sources, awareness of the context of the topic, quality and clarity of the argument, links with wider issues involved and appropriate referencing.******

*****Ability to synthesise your understandings with in-depth knowledge of specific aspects of soviet politics to formulate a convincing argument (INSURE YOU SHOW UNDERSTANDING OF THE FUNCTIONING AND CONTRADICTIONS OF THE SOCIET SYSTEM & THE MAIN ACADEMIC DEBATES ABOUT THESE.*****
**Please use what suits the essay from the following references ONLY and make sure you add some from other relevant sources using databases like IBSS and Academic Search Complete:-
– Hill, R. and Frank, P. (1986), The Soviet Communist Party, L: Allen & Unwin, chap. 1*
-Lane, D. (1985), State and Politics in the USSR, L: Blackwell.
-Hough, J. F. and Fainsod, M. (1979), How the Soviet Union is Governed, Cambridge: Harvard University Press, chs. 10-11.
-Kowalski, R. (2006), European Communism, L: Palsgrave
-McAuley, M. (1977), Politics and The Soviet Union, L: Penguin, chaps. 8-10.
-Matthews, M. (1974), ‘Inside the CPSU Central Committee’, Survey, Vol. 20, No. 4, pp 94-104.
-Schapiro, L. (1970), The Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 2nd ed., London: Methuen.
-Lane, D. (1996), The Rise and Fall of State Socialism, Polity, ch.3**
-Zimmerman, W (2014), Ruling Russia, Princeton University Press [e-book available via library catalogue]

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