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How good are people at estimating scale in 3D environments?

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***Can you please attach a seperate file containing all the links to the used refrences in the review. ***
An experiment has been conducted using a software that produce a 3D environment, where people used the system and were tested for their accuracy at :

– Estimating distances in the 3D environment (by stating the distance ranging from 1 m to 10 m).
– Discriminating objects from different viewpoints and distances (by stating the location of the object).
– Estimating area sizes when ques is present vs absent(by stating the area size).

Interested in the quantitative and qualitative findings in such experimental studies that where conducted on the following areas in the domain of 3D graphics and virtual environments:

-Effects of viewpoints, viewing distance and shadow on object discrimination (Top-down, Bird’s-eye and third-person) and (10 m vs 6 m viewing distance).
– Effects of floor colour on distance estimation (Blank vs patterned).
– Effects of cued vs uncued environments on area size estimation (Area size ranging from 2 sq m to 30 sq m).
– Having a general introduction for each of the conditions.

The outcome of these studies, which condition people where best at, and why were they good at such conditions. What were the theories that guided these studies.

***Can you please attach a seperate file containing all the links to the used refrences in the review. ***

Possible resources:

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