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TOPIC :  How much power does CEOs really possess ?

Part 1
Group poster : ( 575 words, you can use dot point, small paragraph, graph )
•    Summary of main academic perspectives in the debate – Identify the main perspectives on the assigned debate. For each perspective, summarise the supporting evidence from the academic literature (i.e., OB theory &/or concepts, research published in peer-reviewed and scholarly journal articles, etc.).
•    Practical implications – Describe the supporting evidence or perspective from management practitioners. Note any contrasts between the academic and practitioner perspectives. Include relevant examples (e.g., from real companies or realistic scenarios) to illustrate the importance of the debate for organisations.
•    Recommendations – Summarise and justify at least one suggestion that could resolve or move the debate forward in a constructive manner

Part 2
Individual analysis peer and self-evaluation ( 250 words )
The form should include the following information:
•    Confidential evaluation of your own and fellow group members’ contributions to the group assignment
•    A brief essay (approximately 250 words) that includes the following:
o    Brief summary of the debate perspectives
o    Individual evaluation of which perspective is more compelling and why

General Guidelines for the Poster Session and Formatting
•    The poster should be formatted as a single poster sheet, no larger than A1. The University of North Carolina has created an excellent resource with tips for how to create effective posters: http://gradschool.unc.edu/academics/resources/postertips.html.

MGT2OBE: Assessment 2
Poster Session Guidelines
Poster Content and Formatting
– Poster content:
o Title and group member names
o Summary of main academic perspectives in the debate
o Practical implications
o Recommendations
o See subject learning guide
– Poster size
o No larger than a single A1 sheet
– Formatting tips
o http://gradschool.unc.edu/academics/resources/postertips.html
o http://www.personal.psu.edu/drs18/postershow/postershow.pdf
– Other tips
o Prepare a very short oral summary of the poster to give to visitors. This should be no more than 2 minutes.
o Be prepared to answer questions from visitors.
o Prepare a handout to give to visitors (no more than 1 page).
Poster Session Timeline
Note: all poster sessions will be held in Martin Building Room 326B
:05 to :15
Check-in and poster set up
– Check-in with tutor to receive
o Name tag to be worn during session. The name tag includes
? Your name
? Your group’s poster ID
? Poster IDs of at least 2 other posters you are expected to visit during the session
o Poster feedback sheets
o Please arrive on time as the tutor may not be able to process late arrivals or students who arrive close to the start of the poster session
– Place poster on wall at designated location in room
:15 to :45
Poster session
– At least 2 group members (presenters) should stand at the group poster at all times
– Visit assigned posters and complete feedback sheets
o Read poster, talk to presenters, ask questions
– Visit additional posters if time allows
:45 to :55
Poster removal and submission
– Take down poster
– Submit the following to tutor
o Poster feedback sheets
o Group portfolio

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