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How to Be Disrespectful Respectfully

Paper details:

Individual Speech Presentation 2: Persuasive Speech Using

Monroe’s Motivated Sequence, Persuasive Proofs, and Presentational Aids

A. Specifics:

• designed to persuade the audience to change their attitudes, beliefs or behavior.

• presented in 5 to 6 minutes with an additional 1-minute for Q&A.

• delivered extemporaneously via minimal notes on two 4×6 index cards.

• incorporates at least 2 of the 3 persuasive proofs (ethos, pathos, logos—see link below).

• has a typed sentence outline (see sample attached) in Monroe Motivated Sequence style (Attention, Need, Solution, Visualization and Action—see link below)

• has a bibliography listing 5 reputable sources (no more than 2 from the Internet).

• cites quotes/references from sources at least 5 to 6 times in the presentation.

• employs an appropriate presentational (visual) aid(namely, PowerPoint)

C. Procedure:

• Note instructor’s class presentation on persuasive speech, persuasive proofs and Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.

• Consult the following websites:

• Persuasive Speaking:


• Persuasive Proofs (ethos, pathos, logos):


• Monroe’s Motivated Sequence:



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