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watch the you tube link and write up to 200 words. There is no right or wrong answer for this post. however, references not required but if you found one that matches you can use it.

Discuss your response to the Trolley Dilemma business scenario with other members of your group.
• Consider a broad range of perspectives about the situation.
• Reflect on your own circumstances and think of a situation in which you were faced with a moral dilemma of your own. What choices did you made to resolve that dilemmas and how it impacted on other people?
• What made dealing with this situation morally challenging?
• Can you recall a situation in which you believe you acted in an ethically appropriate manner but it may have raised issues of legality, or conversely you kept within the legal boundaries but it may have raised ethical issues?
• Try to incorporate content from the module learning materials and lecture information.

Your initial discussion post should be approximately 200 words in length. End your discussion post with a question, to prompt other students to respond.

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