Human Nutrition Micronutrients

Human Nutrition Micronutrients

Using the food journal that you created in module 1, go to and calculate the amount of micro-nutrients found in the food items that you have listed in your module 1 dietary journal. If you prefer, you can use any other on-line interactive calculator to calculate the amounts of micro-nutrients you have consumed.

NOTE: Not all food items will be able to be analyzed using this calculator, and not all micro-nutrients will be analyzed (as not all food items contain all micronutrients—therefore, you will have to do your best and I am fully aware that you will not be able to include all food items).

Once you have calculated the micro-nutrients from the items listed in your food journal, you will:

1. Submit a table summarizing the daily amounts of the micro-nutrients that you (or your volunteer participant) have consumed (worth 100 percent of your papers grade).

2. Submit a summary of your findings. Discuss whether you met the recommended intake. If not, provide a recommendation on dietary modifications to meet those recommendations.

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