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Human Resource Management in Healthcare Management

Essay title: “Implementing High Commitment HRM practices within the NHS will improve the organisation’s performance through enhancing employees’ well-being”. Critically evaluate this statement.

Lectures and extra reading is added. Lecture 3 has slides on Human Resource Management (HRM) and performance along with extra reading for these lectures which has content that can be included in the essay. Lecture 4 has slides on Worker satisfaction and well-being and also has extra reading content that can be included in the essay. Include a high level of critical analysis and less description.

The marking scheme is provided and these are the criteria:
All-levels – Outstanding answer, well written, highly structured & informed, showing striking personal insight and originality.
Understanding – Comprehensive understanding of the areas of HRM and Leadership covered. Critical evaluation of the theoretical positions considered or concrete explanations reviewed. Comprehensive understanding of the conceptual and/ or empirical issues covered. Understanding developed through critical reflection on competing perspectives on HRM and Leadership discussed in the module. Highly relevant examples used to support arguments.
Depth of Knowledge – Accurate and clear exposition of the theoretical positions reviewed. Extensive range of sources in healthcare used appropriately and selected specifically to address the chosen topic or to support the reflections made. Insightful, original and critical discussion of these sources and topic generally. Details presented reveal evidence of the use of, and knowledge about, several perspectives discussed in the module.
Structure – Excellently structured, tightly focused, well written essay/reflective journal. Compelling arguments made.

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