Human Resources (HR)

Human Resources (HR)

How to Write the Essay
Choose one of the following questions and answer it in a fOrm of a 2-3 double spaced pages
essay (500-750 words).
1) What made a bigger impact on your behavior. your genes or external causes. and why? (What
Makes Us What We Are?A PowerPoint presentation posted on Blackboard)
2) Science often tells us that there is no final truth. whereas religion usually claims that there is one
absolute truth. Whom should we believe and why? (The Scientific Endeavor)
3) Using a specific example of your own. explain why it is wrong to accept a belief without
investigation. (The Ethics of Belief)
4) Is it possible to get rid of racial. religious or cultural stereotypes (prejudices)? If yes. how? If not.
why not? (The Complexity of Identity)
5) Taking into consideration all that you have studied in this course so far, do you think that human
beings are good or bad by nature? (The Banality of Heroism)
The essay should be written in the following way.
In the first paragraph. you need to do two things.
(1) Answer the question of your choice by yes or not. This will be your thesis.
(2) State briefly the arguments by means of which you are going to justify your thesis. You
should state each argument in a sentence or two.
In other words. the first paragraph is your plan of the essay. See examples below!
In the following paragraphs, carry on the plan from the first paragraph.
IMPORTANT: Each paragraph (with the exception of the first) should talk about one issue/argument


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