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Hurricane Sandy
Read the attachment for instructions

The Book: A Risk Management Approach to Business Continuity Aligning Business Continuity with Corporate Governance
? by Julia Graham, FCII, FBCI, MIRM and David Kaye, FCII, FBCI, MIRM, FRSA;? Philip Jan Rothstein, FBCI, Editor??
Research the Event and write a report which includes and discusses the following:
-Identify the actions taken:
By the following:
– Prior to the Storm
– During Storm
– After Storm
By the following:
– Government
– Businesses/Utilities
– Financial Organizations
– Individuals
– Describe the event and it’s overall impact
– Evaluate business impact both:
-in general – how did it impact businesses – what was closed, what continued to function.
-in particular how did it impact financial services – to the company, individuals, and businesses
-how did it / would it have impacted ‘YOUR’ company (Saudi Aramco) as if it had been located in the area
– Identify lessons learned
– Identify what the status is three years later
– Determine if and how the event and response either resulted in or may result in totally new
laws/regulations/standards or changes to business resiliency approach.

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