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Identifying children with learning disabilities

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The most common practice for identifying children with learning disabilities is determining if a discrepancy exists between their ability and achievement. The discrepancy criterion is usually determined by comparing the student’s IQ score to an achievement test score. There are many problems with this system of identification. According to Sternberg and Grigorenko (2001), “We should immediately stop using discrepancy scores to identify children with learning disabilities. The method is psychologically and psychometrically indefensible. It must go” (p. 339). In a minimum of three pages, explore the following concepts: Discuss the degree to which disabilities, in general, are socially constructed. This issue is of particular importance since the category of learning disabilities has often been a “dumping ground” label for many students who experience difficulty in school. Discuss the role of assessment in identifying children with learning disabilities, relevance of curriculum, instructional strategies, and issues related to definitions of learning and other disabilities. Focus on the question: “Are the achievement deficits of most students diagnosed with learning disabilities the result of neurological impairment or poor instruction?” Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research.

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