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IEEE 802.11 wireless family

Paper details:

WLAN “Wireless local area network” enables devices to communicate with each other without the constraints of connecting cables. Wireless LANs use radio signals as the communication medium instead of wires. WLAN standards are specified by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and known as the IEEE 802.11 family of standards for wireless LANs. Using the internet and other resources (e.g., books and AOU e-library), write a report explaining the following factors: What standards are contained in the IEEE 802.11 wireless family? Describe briefly, at least three common and frequent attacks made on WLAN networks? In the context of network security what do we mean by “tunneling”? How it works? Provide your explanation with a diagram. Explain briefly, at least, three common protocols and methods used to secure WLAN transmissions? ———– Your report should include at least two figures and/or tables. Do not forget to include a caption for each figure/table and to use cross-referencing. Ensure that your report meets the objectives, has an appropriate structure and style, and that its technical level is appropriate for the audience, purpose and medium. You must cite all the references i.e. any internet web site, book, journal, article etc. that you have used as a source of information for your report

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