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Immigration Law

Write these TWO essays using cases and status with Oscola referencing
To what extent do development in Europe threaten to unravel refugee rights in the United Kingdom. Discus with reference to Convention for Status of Refugees 1951 and the Dublin Regulations 111.

Chipo, 20, came to the United Kingdom from Zimbabwe in 2013 on a student visa but did not join her studies owing to hospitalisation for a brain tumor. A subsequent application for asylum on her behalf was rejected and her medical condition has only slightly improved. She is appealing to the European Court of Human Rights that her removal would be contrary to the prohibition on inhuman and degrading treatment under Article 3 ECHR. She points to the lack of adequate neurological facilities in Zimbabwe, and that as an orphan she has friends only in UK.
Outline he relevant considerations for the European Court of Human Rights, and the likely outcome of the case based on the recent jurisprudence of the court.

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