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Immigration Policy in a Country (Choose one country, except Canada or two countries to compare and contrast, except Canada)
1. Describe the policy/issue, the history of it in regards to the particular country you are studying.
Provide a brief historical overview that helps motivate why this topic is important. If you are
describing a trade agreement, provide a brief overview of the function/goal of the trade agreement
and some historical context.
2. Discuss at least 2 economic advantages (if applicable) and at least 2 economic disadvantages
(if applicable). If you are discussing a crisis, or an issue that only affects a country negatively
discuss the main cause(s) of the crisis or issue and try and relate that to policies implemented to
deal with it.
3. Discuss the success or lack of success of a particular policy (if applicable). Who is/was affected?
Regardless of topic be sure to provide economic statistics to support your essay. Must be from
credible sources.
4. Provide a conclusion and give your stance on the particular topic. Is the policy good or bad?
How should we deal with the issues? Provide policy recommendations for the future.
5. Include a bibliography where you obtained any statistics or referenced information.

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