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Impulsivity, or ‘ill-planned behaviour

Impulsivity, or ‘ill-planned behaviour,’ is linked to a number of problem behaviours and conditions including substance abuse, ADHD, psychopathology and suicide. Like many psychological constructs, impulsivity is multifaceted and can be defined and measured in a number of different ways. For example impulsivity can be measured using a self-report questionnaire or an objective neuropsychological test. The measure may also tap into state or trait impulsivity or both. This means that any one individual could achieve vastly different impulsivity scores depending on the impulsivity measure that is used. There are a number of different situations in which obtaining an accurate impulsivity score is very important. Such situations could include a behavioural assessment of a child, an assessment of suicide risk or diagnosis of a psychological disorder.
Essay question
“Discuss and critique the different tests of impulsivity, their features and their utility in different assessment scenarios.”
In discussing these tests, consider features such as: the design of the test, reliability and validity, advantages and disadvantages and scenarios in which the test is most / least appropriate.

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