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Incident Command System; Principles and Features Part I; Mitigation and Risk Reduction

Has to be 3 pages long with two references

In the Module 2 SLP you identified specific emergencies and disasters which could impact your community. You also conducted a Hazard and Vulnerability Analysis for the greatest threat to your selected community or organization. In this SLP for Module 3 you will identify the following:

Who will be responsible for the direction and control of the disaster operations?
What are the criteria you would establish for determining the lead position during an emergency?
How much authority would this person have during an emergency?
What methods of communication would you recommend to maintain control during an emergency?
How many persons or what type of personnel would you allow to make independent decisions in the field?
In your opinion is it necessary or prudent to allow for input into the disaster management process during an emergency?
Be sure that your response is related to or applies to the types of disasters identified in the Module 1 SLP.

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