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income inequality (briefing note)

Order Description

“I told them to remove themselves from my office. I was nice. I was polite. I didn’t scream at them … well not at first and only just a bit later. Who are these characters what is it that they want?” asked a confused and dazed Minister.

“The Premier warned me about the explosive potential of meeting with representatives of the 99% this morning. She has great insight. She is wonderful. She gave me my job as Minister of Finance. She asked me for a briefing note addressing income inequality in Canada and whether it has improved or worsened overtime.

“I am far too busy making money to write the note. Besides that’s why I have you most faithful Deputy Minister. As a policy wonk, she will also want you to talk about stuff like Gini coefficients, Lorenz curves, Piketty, the TD Economics piece and the hollowing out of the middle class … really? … I don’t believe that … not here in Canada, eh?

“Finally, she wants me to advise her if we should do something about it and if so what I would recommend in terms of policy initiatives that reflect Canada’s values and provides a bold direction to ensure whatever it is that we should ensure.

“Thanks most wonderful Deputy Minister. Now please remove yourself from my office so I can check and see how my stocks and bonds are doing … one can never have enough money,” said the wealthy and happy Minister.

The Instructions

Your instructions are as follows:

A two page briefing note Times New Roman 12 for text, Times New Roman 11 for tables or charts
Single spaced
Format (no other format is acceptable – subtitles in bold face):
Pages must be numbered (no number on page one)
please do not forget it is a beifing note and please follow all the instruction so the steps should include title, background and analysis and recomendation , dont forget you can also add graph and table and please dont forget use simp;y words and answer all the questions . and no source is required but use your own word . please dont forget this is a briefing note so it should follow all instructions given.

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