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Indigenous Religion write-up

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Write-up of one cultural event (a movie, play, lecture, religious service, etc.) The write-up must include an analysis of the event in relation to material covered in class. Write-ups of religious services MUST be from one of the major religious faiths different from your own (catholic). For example, if you identify as Protestant, you can attend and write-up services at a mosque, synagogue, etc., but not a different Christian denomination.
Find a cultural event (movie, play, lecture, service) of the INDIGENOUS RELIGION (chapter 2) and write about something that you can debate; something that you notice is similar/different from your religion (catholic). Do not just talk/describe the two religions. Talk about your experience with the cultural event. To get access to the book go to bb.uhd.edu and log in with the username: cobosgarciae1 password: Ale10841 and go to the course PHIL 3322 under course content you will find the “world religions texts pdfs” folder. You can see the chapter 2 there. Use the text book as one of your sources.

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