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Individual report about a visitor attraction

Paper details:

VISITOR ATTRACTION CHOSEN: Central Park New York Please let a person living in NYC write the report because it needs evidence such as brochures. prepare a report that answers the following points in relation to that site: 1. Identify the core resources, products and stakeholders at the visitor attraction. 2. Establish the key management and visitor management issues encountered at the visitor attraction? 3. Assess the effectiveness of the management tools that have been put in place to manage the resource and visitors at the site? 4. Devise recommendations for the improved management of the visitor attraction. These may include product development, staffing, interpretation, visitor management, marketing and other aspects covered in the module delivery. It is very important to have enough resources such as books, journals,(minimum 10 books or journals) websites and BROCHURES and everything possible to get on-site. Report layout: -? Contents page -? Introduction -? Main body of the report addressing each point listed in the assessment outline -? Summary and Conclusions -? References and Bibliography -? Appendices

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