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Industrial Dispute

Group Research Report : An Industrial Dispute or Employee Relations related topic This assignment involves analysing an industrial dispute or an approved topic in an organisation or broader employment environment And our group chose ( David jones sexual harassment case 2010)
We’ve done before few days the analyses for the case in the previous order and now
My part is to do :
• The Group’s recommendations of what they believe should be the resolution and why.Could the outcome have been different? Why/why not?

The reports will be evaluated using:
• clarity of description of the dispute or topic;
• evidence of wider reading with appropriate academic referencing and the inclusion and use of theory and literature to critique, explain and justify the outcome and the Group’s opinion of such;
• development and analysis of the Groups opinions of the elements of the topic;
• standards of presentation (both written and verbal) expression, grammar and the use of the Harvard Citation Standards including a bibliography

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